The Burmilla: A Beautiful Result of a Burmese-Chinchilla Mix

Resulting from an accidental mating between a male Chinchilla and a female Burmese, the Burmilla Cat looks remarkably similar to a Burmese, only the Burmilla is silver.

Physical Characteristics: 

The Burmilla is a medium-sized cat with big green eyes that have black lines around them, like eyeliner. Its ears are medium to large, with a little curve at the end.

The Burmilla’s most beautiful feature is its soft, thick silver fur, which can have different colors on the tips or sides, such as: black, blue, brown, purple, red, orange, cream, or mixed colors. The Burmilla also has a second layer of fur under the first one.

Burmilla’s Personality and Temperament: 

The Burmilla is a great friend for anyone who feels lonely. This cat loves its owner and likes to stay close to them. It enjoys being petted and cuddled. It can also play fetch with you.

The Burmilla may be shy around new people, but it will soon warm up to them if they are nice. The Burmilla is good with children and other pets.

Burmilla’s Care: 

The Burmilla has a lot of fur and needs to be groomed every week. Use a brush to get rid of loose hair and a damp cloth to clean its ears. Also, brush its teeth every week.

Burmilla’s Health: 

The Burmilla is usually a healthy cat that can live for a long time. But it can get sick with Polycystic Kidney Disease, which makes cysts grow in its kidneys and can cause kidney failure.

Burmilla’s History and Background:

The Burmilla was born in 1981 by accident. A female Burmese and a male Chinchilla, both owned by Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg, mated with each other. They were supposed to mate with their own breeds, but they liked each other more.

The female Burmese, Faberge, had four kittens that looked different from her. They were all girls and had silver coats. The male Chinchilla, Sanquist, was their father. The Baroness thought they were beautiful and wanted to make a new breed with them. She bred them with other Burmese cats and kept their silver color. She also started the Burmilla Association to show off her new cats.

Another person, Therese Clarke, took one of the kittens, Gemma, and made the Burmilla Cat Club in 1984. In 1990, the Burmilla got a special status as a new breed.

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