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Bull Terriers 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Lovable Breed

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Bull Terriers Dog

Bull Terriers Dog Breed are not very common in the US, but many people know them by their unique features. They have oval-shaped heads, pointed eyes, and strong bodies. They also appear as the Target dog in many ads. Bull Terriers are usually 21-22 inches tall and weigh 50-70 pounds.

The AKC accepted this sturdy dog breed in 1885. Bull Terriers used to fight bulls in the past, but now they are friendly and loving dogs. They make great family pets if you give them enough care and training.

Bull Terrier Care: 

Bull Terriers are fun, active, and easy to care for if they get enough time with people. They like to exercise and enjoy every day. They want to be part of the family.

But Bull Terriers are also terriers, and that means they have a lot of energy and a strong mind. You need to give them things to do and teach them good manners. You should train them with kindness and praise. You should also make them meet other dogs and people when they are young. This will help your Bull Terrier puppies become friendly and well-behaved family pets.

Bull Terrier Health Problems:

Bull Terriers usually live for 12-13 years. But they can have some health issues that you should know about.

Bull Terriers also like to eat and chew on anything they find. This can cause a problem in their stomach. Sometimes they need a surgery to remove the thing they ate. The surgery leaves a mark that looks like a zipper. That’s why some people get pet insurance for this breed.

Kneecap Problems:

Some dogs have a problem with their kneecaps. They move out of place. This can make the dog lift one back leg and cry. This can happen once in a while or often.

A vet can check the dog’s back legs and feel the kneecaps. They can tell how bad the problem is. Some dogs have a mild problem and some have a severe problem.

Some dogs don’t need any treatment. Some dogs need surgery to fix their kneecaps. This can help them feel better and live better.

Some dogs can take omega-3 pills to help with the pain. They can also take glucosamine and MSM pills to help their joints. These pills are good for any dog with joint problems.

Heart Valve Problems: 

Some dogs are born with a problem in their heart valves. This can make their heart fail. A vet can hear a noise in their heart when they check them.

Dogs with this problem have valves that don’t work well. They let the blood go back to the wrong place. This affects the blood that has a lot of oxygen from the lungs to the heart. Dogs with this problem can have these signs: coughing, getting tired, having blue or gray gums, breathing fast, and falling down. Your vet can tell if your dog has this problem by looking at their signs, their family, or doing some tests like blood tests, blood pressure, x-rays, or heart scans.

There is no way to fix this problem, but there are ways to help your dog feel better. These include staying in the hospital with oxygen, taking water pills, taking other pills, not doing too much exercise, and eating less salt.

Kidney Problems: 

Some dogs can have a problem with their kidneys from birth. This can make their kidneys stop working. This problem is common in Bull Terriers. So you should ask your breeder to show you a test for kidney problems before you buy a Bull Terrier puppy.

Dogs with kidney problems can have these signs: not eating well, drinking and peeing a lot. Your vet can check your dog’s pee (best in the morning, when the pee is strong) to see if the kidneys are working well. They can also take some blood to help them find out.

Sometimes, when the vet finds out that the kidneys are not working, it is too late to help the dog. The dog is very sick and the treatment is not fast enough. In some cases, the best thing to do is to let the dog go peacefully.

Hearing Problems: 

Some dogs are born with a problem in their ears. They can’t hear well or at all. This problem is more common in Bull Terriers and other dogs with certain colors. It is hard to tell if a dog is deaf, because they can still live normally. You may notice that they don’t wake up easily, or they don’t know where a sound is coming from. Deaf puppies may also bark more and play harder.

There is a test that can check if a dog is deaf. It is called the BAER test. It is the best test for this problem. You can do this test when the puppies are 6-8 weeks old. Your vet can also make a loud sound near your dog’s ear and see if they react.

There is no way to fix this problem. Deaf dogs should not have puppies, because they can pass this problem to them. But deaf dogs can still be happy and healthy. You just need to train them with your eyes, not your voice.

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