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The Affenpinscher: A Monkey-Like Toy Dog with a Big Personality 

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Affenpinscher Dog

The Affenpinscher is a small dog with a rough coat and a terrier-like personality. It is a smart and friendly pet that gets along well with other animals. It has a large beard and long eyebrows that make it look elegant but also tough. It was originally bred to hunt rodents. In France, people call it the “moustached little devil” because of its playful and naughty nature.

Physical Characteristics: 

The Affenpinscher has a beard and long eyebrows that give it a monkey-like and funny look. Its coat is rough and short all over the body, except for some longer hair on the chest, head, neck, legs, and belly. The coat used to help the dog survive in cold and dirty environments and fight off rodents.

The Affenpinscher is a small but strong and well-built dog that belongs to the terrier group. It is not as fragile as it seems. It is very brave, active and quick enough to chase and catch rats and mice. The dog walks with a light and confident step.

Personality and Temperament: 

The Affenpinscher is different from other terriers because it is good with pets and other dogs. This small dog is very happy with its family, who likes to have fun and laugh.

It is a real “monkey” terrier in both its looks and its behavior: it is curious, brave, busy, and stubborn by nature but it is also naughty, playful and likes to act like a monkey. The Affenpinscher also likes to climb and bark.


The Affenpinscher needs some exercise to stay active and healthy. You can play with it indoors, take it for short walks on a leash or let it run outside. The dog cannot live outside but enjoys playing outdoors. The rough coat needs combing two or three times a week and shaping every three months. You can shape the coat by clipping for pets, or by stripping for show dogs.


The Affenpinscher can live for 12 to 14 years on average, but it may have some minor health problems like knee issues and eye infections. Breathing troubles, heart defects, and soft spots on the skull are also possible in this breed. A vet may check the dog’s knees and heart to find out if it has any of these problems.

History and Background: 

The Affenpinscher is also known as the “moustached little devil” in France, because of its funny look and personality. It is one of the oldest toy breeds. Its name means monkey terrier, which suits it well. The Affenpinscher’s origin is not very clear. Some Dutch painters drew dogs that looked like this breed in the 15th century, but there is no solid proof of where it came from.

In the 17th century, in central Europe, there were many small terriers that were good at catching rats. These terriers were also used in Germany to keep the kitchens and stables clean from rodents. Some of these terriers were smaller and served as lap dogs for women. They could also kill mice and make the house laugh with their silly tricks. Later, it is thought, this small kind of terrier became the Affenpinscher, which was then made better by mixing with the German Pinscher, Pug, and German Silky Pinscher.

Many other toy breeds with wiry coats, like the Brussels Griffon, came from the Affenpinscher. The breed is most loved in Germany, where some people say it was born. The American Kennel Club accepted it in 1936, but the Second World War made it less popular. Today the breed is rare in the United States and even in Germany.

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