FAQ when you buy a puppy


Q: Where are you located..?

In The Netherlands a village called Beek, province of Limburg


Q: What is included in the price..?

Health certificate, Pet Passport, ISO Chip, Shipping crate, FCI Pedigree. Transport fee is not included. You can ask for a shippingquote by airplane or by car (if more convenient)


Q: After buying my puppy, how long does it take to arrive..?

Normally it takes 14 weeks before a puppy can leave the litter. Some countries require more month of age before entering the country of destination.


Q: How long is the quarantinetime when entering my country..?

Some countries do not require quarantinetime, some countries will hold the puppy for 7 days, sometime up to 30 days. We will not ship our puppies to countries which keep them more then 7 days in quarantine, in order to avoid traumatization. We prefer “no-sale” rather then to risk an unhappy dog or unhappy family.


Q: How do I pay for my puppy..?

After having choosen your puppy we will confirm the sale to you by email. Then you can make a prepayment of Euro 500,- by bank- transfer. One week before shipping full payment is required. After fullpayment we start the travel-preparations.


Q: Does the puppy need vaccinations on arrival..?

No, all vaccinations are given before departure and accordingly the requirments of the official veterinarian of the destination- country. Also the deworming treatment has been given and the ISO-chip has been implanted. Finally a last check by the licenced veterinarian will take place shortly before departure.


Q: Who takes care of my puppy during transport..?

We work with the best airlines concerning animal transport, like Air France, KLM, Lufthansa. They have very experienced personel and the means to take the very best care of your puppy before departure, during the flight and on arrival. We ask you to be at the airport one hour before arrivaltime with the documents we have sent you, in order to receive your puppy.



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