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Are you looking for a perfect dog walking service for your dog? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota offer dog walking facilities for your pet and their desire is to provide you in the melody of the best dog walking service in the market. They are involved to keeping your dog glad and healthy taking into consideration our daily saunter routine. So, this article will discuss all about the dog walking serve at Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota.

What is Dog Walking Service?

Dog walking service is a dog care facilitate that involves taking care of the dog though they are out upon a walk. It is sometimes referred to as dog walking, dog walker, or dog walker services. Dog walking is considered an important share of pet ownership because it allows dogs to gain fresh air and exercise in a secure environment. It can be an integral allocation of the daily exercise that some breeds require and it’s afterward a good opportunity for socialization.

Many people who realize not have the mature to accept their dogs out for walks pick this other because someone else does the enactment for them. Dog walking facilities can afterward provide further benefits such as cleaning happening after your dog in your malingering and providing good relations of mind by being afterward your pet later than you are out at play or doling out errands. Some pet owners will even use professional dog walkers as a exaggeration to meet the expense of socialization for their pets in environments where they might not normally mix with additional animals or people.

Why Choose Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota Dog Walking Service?

The Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota Dog Walking Service offers many advantages to dog owners. These include:

  • Reasonable prices.
  • Friendly and experienced dog walkers.
  • Flexible pickup and drop-off times.
  • Short message appointments available.
  • A clean van for your dog’s safety.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly support is available.
  • Walking facilities are provided 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, including holidays.
  • No long-term contracts are required.

Dog owners can trust us considering their dogs. We give a approving response that an important portion of our job is to construct a relationship between you and your dog thus that you can both enjoy each other’s company, even more, when you return home from deed or vacation.

Notable Features of Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota

Friendly and experienced dog walkers

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota has been providing dog walking services for many years. They have a team of dog walkers who are friendly and experienced in walking dogs. They use forlorn the best equipment and pet supplies to ensure that your dog has a good time in the same way as he is when them. Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota dog walkers are then insured and bonded so you can descend assured that your dog is in great hands. Walkers are well aware of all dog breeds.

Reasonable Rates

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota knows that dog care is expensive and they want to have enough money affordable rates for all dog owners. They pull off not battle extra for hasty circumstances such as rain or snow, or if your dog needs more attention than usual. They act a set price per hour, whether you are with for 30 minutes or 3 hours, and whether your dog is large or small. They provide a variety of packages to make it easy for you to pick the one that’s right for your needs.

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota Dog Walking further offers many other services besides dog walking. Some examples are dog visits for the elderly, dog training, and dog sitting, grooming, pet taxi services, and dog boarding. Moreover, they also give dog sitting at home while you’re on vacation, and dog sitting even if you’re at work. They also pay for a pardon consultation to determine the services that best fit your needs.

Excellent Dog Care

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota dog walkers are reliable, have experience similar to dogs, and have the skill to follow instructions. They will treat your dog subsequent to a zealot of their family. They will accept your dog for walks and doing with him or her. They will feed him, give him water, and take care of whatever his needs.

Flexible pickup and drop-off times

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota offers customers the to set their own schedule. Whether you want your dog to be walked in the morning, afternoon, evening, or any become old in between, they will act out with you to accommodate your schedule. For example, if you have to amass work to the front in the hours of daylight but don’t want your dog out all day, you can use Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota Dog Walking Service for hours of daylight walks. If you’re not Definite if you’ll get house from put it on at a sure time or if you have supplementary plans for your dog at night, then Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota Dog Walking Service can meet the expense of a schedule of afternoon walks for you. The service is approachable seven days a week and will accommodate more or less any schedule or availability.

Short Notice Appointments

The Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota company provides terse notice appointments for the dogs. They are aware of the needs of their customers and make clear that they manage to pay for them in imitation of the desired services. They are also up to date of the needs of their employees, and they make sure that they have the funds for them like the required training.

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota provides quick notice appointments genial for the afterward reasons:

  • The owner’s dog is ill.
  • The owner’s dog is out of town.
  • The dog is going to be out of town for a few days.
  • The owner wants to take the dog for a walk like it’s not too warm or too cold.

Hygienic Transport for the Dog

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota ensures the safety of the dog by providing your dog subsequently a to your liking and secure vehicle to travel in. They are amenable and safe for your pet. The company will have enough money a professional dog walker who will accept care of your dog even though you are away. The dog walker will accept the dog for a saunter and proceed with it correspondingly that the dog will be glad and contented. The company will also give a professional dog groomer who will find the grant for your dog in the same way as a courteous and clean haircut. The company is fully insured and licensed to offer this service.

Safety Harness for the Dog

The dogs are transported in comfortable, clean vans. The drivers are instructed to have their dogs wear a safety harness and save them upon a leash at all times. This keeps the dogs from management loose in the van – which they’re taught to accomplish when they’re left alone in the vehicle. The harness is a simple, lightweight, and intensely versatile fragment of equipment that can be worn by any dog of any size or breed. It features a durable, adjustable, and enjoyable harness.

Remote Information very nearly Dog to the Owner

The dog owners should always be au fait of the events of their dog and that’s why the Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota uses a system that provides accurate guidance about dog events while the owner is away. This serve uses GPS and a network of dog walkers to come taking place with the money for specific details about the dog’s activities. The facilitate can also allow details very nearly the dog’s air and health conditions, which will permit the owner to save track of their dog’s health condition remotely.

More about Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota

The Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota is a locally owned and operated matter in the community. They have been providing air dog walking facilities for more than 20 years. They are adequately insured and licensed to find the child support for this service. Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota staff are checked out annually for criminal chronicles and have no chronicles of abuse, neglect, or animal exploitation complaints.

Their staff goes through an extensive training program in the past being hired by them. All staff is CPR approved and everything have taken a course in pet first aid.  Each worker has at least 3 years of experience like dogs and is au fait with common dog breeds and their tricks patterns. They plus know how to handle harsh dogs safely in order to avoid injuries on both sides.

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota love pets and dogs!

Pets are as important to Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota as they are to you. Your pets are later than family and deserve the unquestionably best care. They accept pride in providing the highest quality encouragement available. They offer a summative and personal entrance to pet care, so your dog or cat will receive the best doable attention and adore while you are away.

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota love what they do, and their passion for animals shows in every interaction we have like them. Their team is fully working to your pet’s well-being though they are in their care. They acknowledge that all animal is unique, and we tailor each visit based on your pet’s needs, lifestyle, temperament, and personality.

Contact Info about Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota

Address: 13100 Natchez Ave, Savage, MN 55378

Phone# (952) 212-1673

Service Type: Pet Sitter

Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota Map Location

FAQs about Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota

Q: How many hours per week will Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota walk my dog?

A: We will mosey your dog for nearly one hour per day.

Q: How much is the service fee?

A: The service move ahead will be $15 per walk. If you have more dogs to walk, additional hours will be charged as follows:

  • $5 per hour for dogs who weigh amid 8 and 20 pounds.
  • $10 per hour for dogs who weigh greater than 20 pounds.

Q: Is there a maximum number of hours per week I can have my dog walked?

A: While Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota is not a 24-hour service, they accomplish reserve the right to refuse your demand if they setting that your pet is bodily walked excessively or excessively late at night during our off-hours. They get not permit dogs to be left alone in the yard at any period of hours of daylight or night. However, if you require them to take your dog for multiple supplementary hours during our off-hours and Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota feel that this is reasonably priced based upon your needs, then it will be charged accordingly at $15 per hour.

Q: What will Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota do if my dog does not want to go for a walk?

A: Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota are professionals and they can use a number of techniques upon how to gain your dog out of his/her crate, such as food rewards, treats, toys, and other forms of bribery. If a dog is not responding to these methods, they will use the leash and collar to take up the dog away from the crate.

Q: How reach I have the funds for the Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota job?

A: They take cash on your own for payment. Checks should be made payable to “Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota”. Normally, Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota does not take credit cards or cashless payments through Paypal or any supplementary online service.

Q: What happens if my dog escapes during your walk?

A: In no pretentiousness should this ever happen! If it does, Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota will rapidly contact you by phone and text broadcast and inform you of what happened and how they can rectify the situation. If it turns out that your dog escaped because you were at behave or handily did not put him/her in his/her box properly before neglect home, then they will not proceedings you for the walk.

Q: What is included in a typical Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota package?

A: A typical morning of relief at Preferred Pet Sitter Savage Minnesota includes walking the dog upon a regular schedule, feeding them and giving them lighthearted water, grooming them afterward necessary, providing medication withhold when needed (if prescribed by a veterinarian), socializing with new dogs if desired by owner or pet, and administering any special diet requirements such as prescription food.

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