Groenendaeler (Groenendael)

Origin descended from a mating of black, long-haired sheepdogs. He got his name from Groenendael, a castle in the forest south of Brussels.

  • Appearance Headlong without exaggeration and moderately broad, the muzzle somewhat longer than the skull: the stop is slight.
  • Eyes almond-shaped, preferably dark brown with a bola intelligent and inquiring expression.
  • Ears triangular prick cars.
  • Neck rather long and without throatiness.
  • Body deep but not too broad.
  • Legs medium length and strong.
  • Feet almost round, the hind feet more oval.
  • The tail of moderate length.
  • Coat short on the head the ears and the front of the legs, long on the body and longer still around the neck and on the back of the legs and the tail.
  • Character robust, intelligent, lively, good watchdog, responsive to training.
  • Height at withers: the dog ate out 244 inches 162 cm bitch about 23 inches (58 cm).
  • Color: black.

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