American bulldog

American bulldog - More information about this breed


An American Bulldog.

  • Country of origin U.S.A.
  • Weight Male 30–58 kg (70–120 lbs) Bully type 85–130 lbs
  • Weight Female 60–90 lbs
  • Height Male 50–71 cm (20–27 in)
  • Height Female 20–24 in
  • Coat Short, harsh
  • Color White with patches of red (varying degrees of brown) and brindle, Fawn or brindle
  • Litter size 7–14 puppies
  • Life span 10–15 years







The American bulldog is a stocky, well built, strong-looking dog, with a large head and a muscular build. Its coat is short and generally smooth. The breed is a light to moderate shedder; however, they should be brushed on regular basis.

American Bulldogs can be droolers; this varies and is more prevalent in the Bully type, which is generally a larger, heavier dog with a shorter muzzle. Standard or Performance types are generally more athletic with longer muzzles and a more square head. It is important to note that many modern American Bulldogs are a combination of the two types usually termed “hybrid.” In general,



Colors, while historically predominantly white with patches of red, black, or brindle, have grown in recent years to include many color patterns including black, red, brown, fawn, and all shades of brindle. Black pigmentation on the nose and eye rims is preferred, with only some pink allowed.



American Bulldogs are typically confident, social, and active dogs that are at ease with their families. It is not uncommon for an American Bulldog to require a high level of attention due to their highly emotional personality. They bond strongly with their owners. They are capable of jumping in excess of seven feet vertical due to the dense muscle build of the breed. Young American Bulldogs may be slightly aloof with strangers, but as they mature the breed’s normal confidence should assert itself. This breed tolerates children and can do very well with them, provided they aresocialized early and understand their limits.


Health Issues

American Bulldogs tend to be strong, physically active, and often healthy. Some breeds of American Bulldog are prone to allergies and hip dysplasia.