Bouvier des Ardennes (Ardennes Cattle Dog)

Origin and use the Belgian Ardennes, where it is still frequently used with cattle Its looks are more those of a sheep herding dog than of a cattle dog It is not a show dog.
• Appearance Head heavy and moderately short with slight stop.
• Eyes dark.
• Ears should be prick ears but tip ears are permissible.
• Neck short and thick.
• Body of medium length with a deep and broad chest.
• Legs of medium length and heavily boned Feet round.
• Tail decked very short.
• Coat shaggy and harsh about 2 inches (5cm) long shorter on head and legs. In winter it has a thick undercoat. There are whiskers and a beard on the muzzle.
• Character intelligent willing to please his master, surly to strangers.
• Height at withers: medium size: 24 inches (61 cm) at most, large least 24 inches
• Color: all colors permissible.

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