Berger des Pyrénées (Pyrenean Sheepdog)

Origin the whole area of the Pyrenees, from Cerdogne to far into the Landes. Originated by crossing indigenous dogs with Briards and Beaucerons who brought their flocks there.
• Appearance Head a rather flat skull, no visible stop and a not heavy, short muzzle.
• Eyes chestnut, but wall eyes or eves with blue spots are permissible for white, black and grey dogs.
• Ears drop ears, preferably cropped rather short.
• Neck rather long.
• Body long with slightly arched ribs; the breast reaches to the elbow.
• Legs dry and not heavy; the hind legs may have single or double dew claws.
• Feet oval.
• Tail long with a nook at the tip; both natural short tail or docked tail are allowed.
• Coat long or medium long, lying close to the body or slightly wavy.
• Character highly strung distrustful, very lively and intelligent, good watch-dog
• Height at withers: dog 16-20 inches (40.5-51 cm), bitch 15 20 inches (38-61 cm)
• Color: reddish, grey patched, black with white markings on head, breast and feet.

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