Berger de Picardie (Picard)

Origin and use the north of France. Probably the c Idest French sneep herding dog, the breed s thought to have been brought to France by the Celts in the ninth century. It is still a working dog, not a show dog.
• Appearance Head a rather broad slightly arched scull, u slight stop and not too long muzzle.
• Eyes medium sized and dark.
• Ears not too large prick ears.
• Neck not too short.
• Body moderately long and has a deep not too broad chest.
• Legs of medium length with good bane.
• Feet round.
• Tail long.
• Coat hard and half long, should feel rough to the touch and has a dense undercoat.
• Character tierce pugnacious, untiring, faithful, affectionate good with children.
• Height at withers dog: 24 26 inches (61 66 cm), bitch: 22-24 inches (58-61 cm)
• Color: grey, grey-black, grey-blue, grey-red, Iight and dark fawn without white.
• Only white toes and spot on the breast are allowed.

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