Berger de l’Atlas (Berger d’Algérie, Aida, Chien Kabyle, Chien des Douars, Algerian Sheepdog)

Origin and use a native of the Kabyle Mountains and common as a Mill shepherd’s dog in Tunisia and Algeria, where they guard the tent villages of the Arabs, ca led douars, and herd the cattle. Their popularity would perhaps be greater were it not for their precious nature.
• Appearance Head rather long, with slight stop and long muzzle.
• Eyes dark, with an intelligent, lively expression.
• Ears triangular prick ears.
• Neck rather strong.
• Feet oval.
• Tail long and well furnished.
• Coat close to the body and not too short, coarse and stiff.
• Character ferocious, unfriendly, watchful.
• Height at withers: 22 24 inches (60-61cm).
• Color: white Sometimes with fawn marks. Dark colors seldom occur.

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