Berger de Brie (Briard)

Origin the name probably has nothing to do with the region of Brie but is a corruption of ‘Chien d’ Aubry’. In 1317 a dog of the type is reported to have traced the murderer of his master, a nobleman named Aubry de Montdidier. The Briard is found all over France, especially in the north and appears to be descended from the Barbet and Beauceron.

  • Appearance Head not too broad and sufficiently long, with marked stop.
  • Eyes rather large and cark, with a calm intelligent expression.
  • Ears preferably cropped in countries where this s permitted and if not, short end not too drooping.
  • Neck rather long.
  • Body a broad, deep chest.
  • Legs rather long with strong bone; the hind legs have double dew claws.
  • Feet between hare and catfeet.
  • Tail moderately long with a hook at the tip.
  • Coat long. harsh and nut lying close to the body any solid color except white.
  • Character lively, happy, intelligent, easily offended.
  • Height at withers: dog 23-27 inches (58.5-68.5 cm) bitch: 22-26 inches (56-66cm)
  • Color: all colors except white, always self-colored, preferably dark colors.

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