Berger de Beauce (Beauceron)

Origin surprisingly, not the region of Beauce but of Brie.

  • Appearance Headlong with little stop the skull and muzzle are of the same length.
  • Eyes dark or harmonizing with the color of the coat.
  • Ears may be cropped or natural; the former is preferred in countries where cropping is permitted.
  • Neck moderately long Body a deep chest.
  • Legs strong and of medium length; the hind legs have double dewclaws.
  • Feet round.
  • Coat black and not too short, a little less than an inch (2 cm) thick, it lies close to the body.
  • Character intelligent obedient, calm, fierce if necessary, very responsive to training.
  • Height at withers: dog 26.5 inches (67 cm), bitch: 25.5 inches (65 cm).

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